The first Humanoid guardians designed to support the All In Society, they were programmed to protect… Now they battle for XP, RAM and Supremacy. 


Step into the world of AllIn NFTs and experience the ultimate utility and value of our soon-to-be-released all-access pass AllIn ALLBOTS.

Introducing the highly exclusive ALLBOTS, the first NFT collection by $ALLIN. With only 100 ALLBOTS available for minting, these tokens are among the most sought-after digital assets you can own. As an ALLBOTS holder, you’ll have access to special benefits and features, including daily EXP and exciting games. Plus, holding onto your ALLBOTS can bring even more rewards, such as occasional rainfall rewards of future ALLBOTS NFTs and surplus funds when available. With limited supply and high demand, ALLBOTS is the perfect addition to any NFT collection. 

You’ll soon be able to join the exclusive rank of ALLBOTS holders and unlock the full potential of the future of NFTs.

Humanoid Types

Battle Hardened

The battle hardened robots are a special subset of the robot population that have seen extensive combat and survived numerous battles. These robots are revered for their bravery, resilience, and battle-tested abilities.


The rusted robots are a unique subset of the robot population that have weathered the test of time and have aged to a state of decay. These robots were once the pride and joy of their creators, but now they stand as a testament to the fleeting nature of technological advancement.

Gold Plated

The gold plated robots are a highly coveted and rare subset of the robot population that are adorned with a luxurious layer of shimmering gold. These robots are not only visually striking, but also represent the pinnacle of technological excellence.

Reasons to go All In on ALLBOTS



With only 100 ALLBOTS available for minting, the scarcity and exclusivity of these digital art pieces make them highly coveted and hard to come by...


Rule of

To ensure that this scarcity remains intact, we've limited the number of ALLBOTS that can be minted per wallet to just two.


Earn XP
while holding

From the moment you mint your ALLBOT, it starts earning daily EXP and gaining levels that you'll be able to use in exciting games we have planned for the future.

Holding an AllIn ALLBOT also comes with even more benefits.​

You’ll be entitled to occasional rainfall rewards of future $ALLIN NFTs and surplus funds when available, making it an even more valuable and rewarding investment. And because there are only 100 ALLBOTS available for minting, the demand for these tokens is likely to be high, making them a great option for those looking for a valuable and unique digital asset to add to their collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the exclusive group of $ALLIN CAPTAINS holding the keys to unlock the full potential of our future.

ALLBOTS Terminal

Introducing the ALLBOTS Terminal, your all-in-one dashboard for tracking your $ALLIN, NFTs, RAM and Chest Balance. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, the ALLBOTS Terminal provides a convenient way to monitor all aspects of your ALLBOTS holdings.