About Us

We're ALL IN, are you?

Welcome to All In, a project that specializes in AI and its potential to transform the world. Our focus is on developing cutting-edge utilities and managed services that enable communities and projects to harness the full power of AI technology. We strive to help our community and clients achieve innovation and growth by utilizing advanced AI algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning techniques.

At All In, we believe that success is best achieved through collaboration and inclusivity. That’s why we’ve created an Ethereum-based token, called ALLIN, which brings people together in a supportive and engaging community. 


What We do

AI Managed Services

AI powered intelligent community tools & services which drive engagement and deliver value.

DAPP to DEX Roadmap

Future DEX with integrated digital assets connectivity.

Unique NFT Collections

Unlock the full potential of Allin with NFTS: own and collection unique, one-of-a-kind digitel assets.

Our Project

AllIn encompasses a range of technical tools to enhance your project and accelerate growth without the immense amount of effort and fine tuning that this usually requires. By utilising our services such as the All-In-One AI bot, you can automate multiple functions and features of the community interface, and spend more time on the things you want to.

AllIn offers multiple solutions to various problems that we, as tech industry veterans, understand appear frequently during project launches and growth. These include the following:

  • Data analysis and management
  • Process automation
  • Customer services and community management
  • Content development

Our Team

We have built a team of industry experts and experienced crypto enthusiasts to support the project’s growth and success. The team continues to grow as the project develops.


Lead Developer


Chief Technical Officer

Shadow Proclamation

Chief Creative Officer


Blockchain Developer


Solidity Developer


Product Development Lead

Laughing Jim

Mod Team Lead


Chief Comms Officer


Community Manager

Loko Van Basten

Core Team Member

The All In Society​

Join the $ALLIN society and help us stick the landing as to shape the future of the project together. With the team’s commitment to collaboration and support, be part of a community that continually grows and propels the project to new heights.