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Intelligent Tools

AI powered intelligent community tools & services which drive engagement and deliver value.

Unique NFT Collections

Unlock the full potential of Allin with NFTS: own and collection unique, one-of-a-kind digitel assets.

DAPP to DEX Roadmap

Future DEX with integrated digital assets connectivity.

All In
One AI Bot

Empower your community with our all-in-one Telegram bot: Integrated safe Shiller feature for Twitter & Telegram powered by AI.

All In

Unlock the full potential of All In with NFTS: AICAPs act as your exclusive AI Captain, collect the unique one-of-a-kind digital assets for the optimal future investment.

All In

AllIn.Exchange DAPP to DEX model enables you to influence the utilities growth. As $AllIn grows, so will our innovation and ambitions.

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The All In Token

Secure growth in any market with $ALLIN – Taxes designed to support the community and project progress.

1 %
Buy / Sell Tax

Invest in progress with $ALLIN – only a 4% buy/sell tax ensures development, marketing, and community rewards are top priorities.

1 M
Total Supply

Limited supply, maximum potential – Only 1,000,000 tokens of $ALLIN available.


Secure your investment – $ALLIN liquidity locked for 12 months and extended as the project grows.

1 %

Experience peace of mind with a renounced contract from a trusted team.

Currently, the project is only operating on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there are plans to expand to other blockchain platforms in the future in order to reach a wider audience and take advantage of the unique features and capabilities offered by each platform. This will allow the project to continue to grow and evolve, providing users with a more diverse range of options and experiences.

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The All In Treasury

Relationships & Collaboration

Investment for the Future

Treasury Partners

The STARL Metaverse Project

Uniting efforts for a common goal: $ALLIN and $STARL have teamed up to explore potential areas of collaboration. You can find more information on what this means for All In below.

Simplifying the process:

With All In, we have broken down the standard deployment strategy for a microcap launch into four distinct phases – Launch, Foundation, Growth, and Utility. These phases are flexible and will adapt as the project progresses, with the only limitation being the growth of the community.

Phase 1 Launch

Nailing the launch, growing organically, shaping the future


The team completed the delivery of the Launch phase in early November 2022
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Phase 2 Foundation

Building a strong foundation, community culture established


The team completed the delivery of the Foundation phase in late November 2022
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Phase 3 Growth

Entering growth phase, expanding partnerships, developing utility

In Progress

The team and society are actively working on this phase
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Phase 4 Utility

Developing utilities that enhance the space

Coming Soon

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The All In Society

Join the $ALLIN society and stick the landing as we shape the future of the project together. With the team’s commitment to collaboration and support, be part of
a community that continually grows and propels the project to new heights.