We're ALL IN, are you?

The AI Focused project that specializes in empowering communities and projects to harness the full potential of AI technology.

Unlock the Power of AI

Unlock AI’s true potential with our cutting-edge tools and managed services. We offer tailored solutions to help you navigate this complex field with confidence. Get personalized API models, chatbots, and expert guidance to succeed in your projects and communities.

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AllIn One AI

Empower your community with our all-in-one Telegram bot: Integrated safe Shiller feature for Twitter & Telegram powered by AI.

AI Services

Unlock the full potential of All In with NFTS: ALLBOTS act as your exclusive AI artwork, collect the unique one-of-a-kind digital assets soon.


This bot not only provides real-time alerts whenever your crypto token is bought on a DEX but also harnesses the power of AI .


AllIn.Exchange DAPP to DEX model enables you to influence the utilities growth. As $AllIn grows, so will our innovation and ambitions.


The first Humanoid guardians designed to support the All In Society, they were programmed to protect… Now they battle for XP, RAM and Supremacy. 

The All In Token

Secure growth in any market with $ALLIN – Taxes designed to support the community and project progress.

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1 %

Invest in progress with $ALLIN – only a 4% buy/sell tax ensures development, marketing, and community rewards are top priorities.

1 M
Total Supply

Limited supply, maximum potential – Only 1,000,000 tokens of $ALLIN available.


Secure your investment – $ALLIN liquidity locked for 12 months and extended as the project grows.

1 %

Experience peace of mind with a renounced contract from a trusted team.

Currently, the project is only operating on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there are plans to expand to other blockchain platforms in the future in order to reach a wider audience and take advantage of the unique features and capabilities offered by each platform. This will allow the project to continue to grow and evolve, providing users with a more diverse range of options and experiences.

Where to buy $ALLIN

$ALLIN is listed on a number of exchanges both centralised and de-centralised, and we're continuing to add more in future!

How to Buy


Create a Wallet

Download a DeFi Wallet like MetaMask and follow the steps to make your wallet. Always remember to keep the 12-word seed phrase a secret and do not share it with anyone ever!


Purchase Ethereum

Click on the "Buy" button at the top of the app and select Ethereum (ETH). Continue through with the purchase. This step will take a few minutes to complete your transaction. Just be patient!


Swap ETH for ALLIN

Connect your wallet to Voltichange or Uniswap, select ALLIN or paste the contract address in and swap your ETH for ALLIN!

The All In Treasury

Relationships & Collaboration

The All In Treasury promotes collaboration and community growth through relationship programs and partnerships with other projects for mutual growth.

Investing for the Future

By procuring assets, such as NFTs, tokens and events, the All In Treasury supports partner projects and promotes the success of All In.

Treasury Holdings

The AllIn Treasury holds assets for future value and investment, these are projects we truly believe in and which will be used to support the project development.

Simplifying the process:

AllIn has a season based roadmap strategy with the initial Season 1 Launch, Foundation, Growth and Utility phases forming the framework of approach.

The framework support the teams strategy of iterative improvements by working through the phases on a season, by season basis.

Phase 1 Launch

Nailing the launch, growing organically, shaping the future


The team completed the delivery of the Launch phase in early November 2022
More Info

Phase 2 Foundation

Building a strong foundation, community culture established


The team completed the delivery of the Foundation phase in late November 2022
More Info

Phase 3 Growth

Entering growth phase, expanding partnerships, developing utility

In Progress

The team and society are actively working on this phase
More Info

Phase 4 Utility

Developing utilities that enhance the space

Coming Soon

More Info

The All In Society​

Join the $ALLIN society and stick the landing as we shape the future of the project together. With the team’s commitment to collaboration and support, be part of
a community that continually grows and propels the project to new heights.

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It's coming...

Allin.Exchange go live is coming 04.25.2023